We give every child an opportunity to support the planet and his/her education

Problem Statement

30% of Kenyan Primary school students are suffering from the impacts of climate change because their parent’s farming income has dropped to under $1.90/day, making school fees unaffordable this is driving lower education and higher poverty rates in Kenya


The Solution

EduGreen offers primary & Secondary school students in Kenya a chance to make the world green
again by planting trees and funding their own education.

Our Beneficiaries


Imprezza Academy

Untitled (1500 × 1000 px)-min-min

Kwang’amor Primary School

MAC-4-min-min (1)

Shirandala Primary School

Support The Cause

Simba Level

$5 000

5000 Seedlings

Kifaru Level

$25 000

25 000 Seedlings

Ndovu Level

$100 000

100 000 Seedlings

Are you a Farmer?

Monthly subscrition

We are losing almost 75% of our indigenous trees, But the climate crisis is real, But together we can solve it and replant back our indigenous trees. Join EduGreen, the community of monthly farmer subscribers to plant indigenous trees.