About Us

Unleashing the African young mindset

Kosi Africa is on a mission to build a new generation of young leaders who are problem solvers through; education, leadership, and mentorship, who will, in turn, transform the phase of the community.


Kosi Africa is a non-profitable organization focused on improving education, leadership, environment, Pan-Africanism and community volunteerism. We are committed to mentoring young people and youth for a better future for our society. Kosi Network focuses on changing the young African mindset to create an innovative community.

About Us

We believe that every child has access to the right education around the globe. At Kosi Africa, we are committed to ensuring we reduce the number of students drop out by providing the needed resources and supporting them with mentorship in their life journey.
“When we give of ourselves, nothing is truly lost”. When one candle lights another, its light is not diminished The light given off together is greater than the light of one. That light candle is the “education”

Our Vision

To create more responsible, knowledgeable, and empathic leaders in our society with an innovative mindset.

Our Core Values


We are consistently honest, open, genuine, ethical, faithful, and realistic.


The courage to shape the future of our society


We Embrace the African culture and spirit

Pillar Strategy

Build Innovative leaders

Build Community

Pan-African Culture


Develop creative and innovative young leaders

Develop creative and innovative young leaders

Promote the Pan-African spirit and culture

Change the young mindset through Mentorship

Empower less privileged
in education

Redefine our ancient environment


Wycliffe Barasa

Wycliffe Barasa

Tabitha Kemunto

Board of Advisors

Nyasha Gwatidzo

Peter Burdin

Lily Nyariki

Jon Kaufman